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Shanghai tourism hub branch branch actively create a learning

Date: 2013-04-12

For in-depthstudy and implement theparty's 18and the central,municipalparty buildingon the strengthening ofthe spirit oflearning, the implementation ofthe party committee"on the2011-2012to further promotelearning organizations(agencies)constructionguidance", and furtherdeepen"Creatinglearningbranch, strivinglearningparty"activities to promotelearningparty building inthe center,Shanghaitourism hub ofthe actual situationof the unitbranch,formulated the "2013Shanghaitourist Distribution Centerto create a learningpartybranchesbranch of theimplementation plan. "

Implementation of theprogram is aimed atlearning contentthrough the contenthonest,rich and diverseforms of activities,put in placemeasures tofurther enhance theevaluationunit ofparty members and cadresideological understanding, learning ability,to better servethe overall situation,serve the massesin an effort tothis unitbranchinto a "learning, serviceoriented, innovative,"branch.The whole eventtimethroughout the yearcovering2013,has taken the leadby organizingbranchrecentlyvieweddiscs, drama,moviesand other forms ofwarning educationto carry outa series of activitiesina variety ofeducational activitiestopromote theparty membersto enhance theirparty spirit,firmly establish theideological defense, increasingthe abilityto resist corrosion.

April 9afternoon, thebranchorganizations of allparty members,party activistsandyouthhave submittedan applicationto join the partyto watch thebighonestdrama "defend theideals."The play isapositivedisciplinecadres and thecorrupt elementsdepictingliterarycontestmadeproducts, highlightingthe theme ofanti-corruption, promotethetheme ofideals and faith,discipline inspectioncadresplayimageflesh and blood,humane,courageous and prudent,have an idealof conduct, speakrighteousness, they are alsohuman.

After theparty membersto observe, youthhave expressedmixed feelings, both for theidealfirmdisciplinecadresplaytouched by the spirit, but alsosoundedthe alarmagainst corruptionin the workfirmly establish theideological defense, dedicatedservices for tourists.