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Shanghai Tourist Distribution Center in Sichuan branch actively show love

Date: 2013-04-26

Beijing timeat 8:02 on April 20, 2013,inLushan County,Ya'an(30.3degreesnorth latitude,103.0degreeseast longitude)occurred7.0earthquake.The earthquakeintensity,magnitude of extensivedisasterlosses.Afterlearning of the news,ShanghaiTourist Distribution Centerbranch, centraltrade unions,centersYouth Leagueissuedjointly to thestaffof the unitDonationInitiative:extendingthe hand of friendshipand supportpeople in disaster areas!Center staffactively promotetheChinese nation, "a difficult one,P Plussupport"traditional virtuesoflove and dedicationstricken.4 daystovoluntary contributionsraised a total of8,936yuan.Love, big or small, loveregardless of the region, whichrepresents ourpeople in disaster areaswhodistributedafriendship.There aredifficulties, wehelp each other,there is a disaster,westood.Because we believethat if wejoin hands,will be able tosurmount,tide over the crisis.