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2013 'May Day' holiday tourism market brief Shanghai

Date: 2013-05-13

2013 "May Day" holiday three days, the city weather, temperatures suitable for travel.Festival three days, the city holiday travel safe and stable, rich products, market prosperity.According to statistics, incorporating holiday monitored 16 major scenic spots (points) total tourists 634,400 passengers, an increase of 22%; city all kinds of tourist accommodation facilities room occupancy rate was 47.6%, which is 44.4%-star hotel, hotelhostel was 53.4%.Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street tourist area, the Bund tourist area, Yuyuan Tourist Mart (600655, stock it) tourist area total 2,550,000 passengers were tourists, 1.5 million passengers, 600,000 passengers.

During the festival, the following main features:

First holiday tourism products rich.During the festival, the city of the tourist attractions (dot) careful organization launched more than 30 holiday-themed products and activities, deeply welcomed by residents and tourists, led the area (point) strong popularity.Century Park cumulative tourists 80,000 passengers, an increase of 51%.World Financial Center cumulative tourists 20,000 passengers, an increase of 38%.Jinjiang Amusement Park cumulative tourists 37,000 passengers, an increase of 10%.Changfeng Ocean World total tourists 22,300 passengers, an increase of 4%.Oriental Pearl (600,832, stock it) Radio and TV Tower cumulative tourists 60,000 passengers, up flat.Madame Tussauds cumulative tourists 09,900 passengers, a decrease of 34%.Moon ship cumulative tourists 10,200 passengers, a decrease of 14%.Jinmao Tower Tourist Office cumulative tourists 28,700 passengers, a decrease of 5%.Shanghai Science and Technology (600,608, stock it) Museum cumulative tourists 50,600 passengers, a decrease of 1%.

Second, Countryside continued hot.Three days, the city suburbs tourist areas (spots) introduced various outing flowers and garden festivals, quality services to meet the majority of tourists.Gu Village Park cumulative tourists 64,500 passengers, an increase of 125%.Fengjing town tourist area total tourists 84,500 passengers, an increase of 46%.Shanghai Happy Valley cumulative tourists 58,400 passengers, an increase of 38%.Oriental Land cumulative tourists 38,000 passengers, an increase of 37%.Dongping National Forest Park cumulative tourists 26,900 passengers, an increase of 12%.Shanghai Wild Animal Park cumulative tourists 39,200 passengers, a decrease of 17%.

Festival three days, the Shanghai Tourist Distribution Center launched a total 147 travel routes, the cumulative send visitors 7145 passengers, 216 grid frequency, representing a decrease compared to the same period last year.Traveling in the top three, respectively, for the same tour, Oriental Land tour, Nanxun day trips.

Three holiday market is safe and stable.Before the holiday and festive period, the Municipal Tourism Bureau led his unit went to Jinjiang Amusement Park, Shanghai Handsome International Travel, Shanghai China Youth Travel Service and Shanghai tourism hub and other related tourism enterprises, on-site inspection "May Day" holiday tourist reception services and securitywork.During the festival, the total duty 24 hours City Holiday Office tourists consulting complaints Tourism Quality Supervision received a total of 20 complaints from the tour, no major tourist complaints.