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Shanghai Tourism Bureau universities included in the city's new attractions Wall

Date: 2013-07-23

Recently, the Shanghai Tourism Bureau, Shanghai Jiaotong University in Shanghai, etc. The graffiti wall as a new fashion attractions, and through official channels such as micro-blog posted on the Web sparked heated debate.It is reported that graffiti hip-hop culture that was born in the Western art form is very popular in Shanghai in recent years, a number of university campuses also carried a special garden for students or some of the artists creative freedom graffiti.

Reporters visited last weekend Minhang campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University Siping Road Campus, Shanghai University Military Road campus graffiti wall, which several campus graffiti wall, and some considerable size, area of five six hundred square meters, while othershas a very high artistic level, attracted many citizens and visitors.

National Chiao Tung University Wall attracts many visitors

Shanghai Jiaotong University is located in Minhang Campus graffiti wall at high speed across the campus S4 on both sides of the bridge opening following numbers 1,2,4, length over 500 meters, but they are dazzling graffiti.

Graffiti on the wall to commemorate one of the most important topics on community activities, classes, Graduation quarter Message text and pictures everywhere, in addition there are some anime, landscape, graffiti poetry as a content creation.Reporters saw some large graffiti works up to 2 meters or more, colorful, personality is also very clear.Earlier, National Chiao Tung University students once graffiti to express the attitude of Wenzhou motor car accident, the painting is also touted by the users so that the surface of graffiti wall famous.

On the 20th evening, although the weather is still hot, still near the graffiti wall Jiaotong University students in twos and threes and tourists watching.Is leading school friend of National Chiao Tung University students watch Wall Kobayashi told reporters, tourists come to visit often to see the Wall, and in the interesting works before stopped to watch, take pictures, "Even when I pass by, and often, and some interesting graffitiphoto, this is a good reflection of the way the campus culture. "In addition to the public and foreign tourists, the students, students from other domestic universities is also where the most common visitors.

Netizens praised the "City when Shang Xinjing"

Tongji University graffiti wall located opposite the headquarters Xiyuan canteen and cafeteria of the old Academy on the wall, only a hundred meters length, 2 meters high, has a collection of about 20 works.From simple WordArt, abstract original pattern into a complex drawing cartoon characters, random doodles or well-designed graphics, just a reflection of graffiti wall full of youthful vigor and spirit of the pursuit of freedom.

Since it is the center of town, Tongji University graffiti wall fans in addition to our students, and more are surrounding residents.Holidays, a number of young people around here a lot, and even the graffiti wall as good photography spots.Graffiti wall in the management of the school is more freedom, not too many restrictions on the graffiti."The garden is provided to the students freedom of expression, not to interfere in the basic school." Tongji Propaganda Department official said.

Compared with Tongji University, Shanghai Polytechnic University graffiti wall larger scale.Military Road, Shanghai Polytechnic University campus graffiti wall located along the "first landscape", although divided into several paragraphs, there are four or five meters length.Initially the wall by the school students are encouraged to draw graffiti exercises gradually scale, graffiti school community, students have graduated, and even some school senior artists often carrying spray painted over something, then gradually be filled on the frontdifferent types and styles of graffiti.It is understood that before the summer vacation each year, Shanghai Polytechnic University will whitewashed graffiti wall renovation, available to graduating students to do graffiti designs.

Reporters saw yesterday, Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Shanghai Polytechnic University campus graffiti wall works in a number of microblogging is forwarded, many users have praised this both "self-expression" who is graffiti art works that they"beautify the city", called the city "when Shang Xinjing."