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Rayfont Shanghai Nanpu Hotel is located at 118 Nancang Street, Huangpu District, close to Nanpu Bridge Station, Nanpu Bridge, Inner Ring Elevator, Fuxing Road Tunnel, Yan'an Road Elevator, and convenient to Yuyuan Food Shopping City, People's Square, Nanjing road. The hotel also provides buses to the Pudong New International Expo Center, with convenient transportation.
Rayfont Shanghai Nanpu Hotel is configured according to high star standards, with a generous and elegant style. The hotel rooms are comfortable and cosy, all equipped with broadband internet access. The hotel also has a gym and indoor swimming pool, allowing guests to exercise, relax and enjoy a home-like free life.
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  • lglbenben
    Which is very nice
  • fantasyliujia
    Many times, this time gave us the room was the worst. and the front desk, a fat man, very poor, very rude rude, ye don't. it is very disappointing! If executives had seen the trouble to put the man away, don't put out as a receptionist, or discounts will be for the hotel services.
  • janson_ma
    Nice hotel in very convenient
  • metalslayer
    Each trip to Shanghai are used to living in this hotel, very convenient, from the nanpu bridge recently. health also were good, breakfast good. the price is right. around many places to eat.
  • caesar31
    It's OK
  • laoyang12
    Room small and dirty completely not meet introduced, then ceiling lamp also bad of a Flash a Flash of. room card plug Shang Shi distance and enough are bent of. balcony ceiling crack too more are to off down like. I by deleting selected Shi also selected of is four star high-end hotel. This also was friends said. Hotel photos only took good of not took poor of. air conditioning a open voice big of like live in airport like.
  • ansontongyf
    The city center, clean, cost-effective
  • e01006123
    Location is close to the Metro, good Fourth, the price is cheap, the other does not say
  • folgimman
    Service can be, is a room with solid chart is completely different, room no WiFi, rather, Inns!
  • JM jingni
    Close to home, so you just set, older hotel, price is not high
  • spoon0532
    Nice high performance-price ratio
  • aaalmond
    Old, very clean, location
  • weilangww
    Because the plane, had been to the shop at 11 o'clock at night, and also upgraded our room!
  • lele050708
    Traffic was good, service was great, the room didn't offer upgraded room
  • Danny83123
    Next to nanpu bridge, location not too but it's not very convenient, suitable for work in the vicinity of people. price is not high, high price
  • boaddd
    Hotel is very good, quiet, clean and tidy
  • cclee001
    Good location clean and tidy
  • leilei_wu
    Very general
  • cool_wu
    Expensive, small
  • robingu27
    Location is good
  • E01004866
    Toilet and bed only not to 20 cm of distance, room in of toilet door off has, only see with another people toilet. because 11 period between full, not to adjustable other room, also cannot immediately repair. hair dryer machine voice big, but wind is is small. TV can watch of channel rarely, quality very poor, not know is TV of reasons also is set-top box of reasons. to left-luggage also to first accept Open box check. think is poor, never live has
  • p120930
    Lovely hotel, there are many foreigners living, hotel services are in place, especially the terrace is very good
  • Baojing
    Not convenient for breakfast near the hotel transportation
  • SpecialJM
    Far away from the Metro station
  • livia
    Help friends book
  • xima1999
    Next to nanpu bridge, location not too but it's not very convenient, suitable for work in the vicinity of people. price is not high, high price
  • angelo86
    On the room does not have a wireless network but can ishanghai! Bathroom door wouldn't close air conditioning outlets dirty nice low price
  • ALICE1052730150
    It's OK,.
  • e00917677
    Nice also has a balcony, find places, accidentally gone
  • jemon
    Well, you are not wireless
  • e00130583
  • aixiu
    Each time you come to Shanghai would choose to live here, very kind. and the service is very good and quiet, it is difficult to
  • e03927537
    In General, facilities
  • jeff19356
    Really no, however the national day will take. coupon money back didn't give me back in time.
  • alice_glm
  • e00954373
    Room was very small and no WiFi very small bathroom odors quilt no change
  • masterren
    Very close to the center of Huangpu, not bad
  • e00812181
    All right
  • dcat387095
    Health: to prepare before, so we didn't feel too tangled, Samsung is the toilets, although water is slow, but the bathroom very clean, and there is no odor (big flashes, but there is difference in facilities inside). The surrounding environment; I told you about, but it's not near from the Metro station, absolutely the worst. convenience stores to fast just in time, following renovation, there was nothing around convenience stores can use variety of eating is also aUnhealthy feeling, nanxiang, breakfast or a final decision to a small cage to a more assured. Service great, not features. Facilities to the worst absolute no problem, first the bathroom exhaust fan is bad, second bathroom spray is bad (can't switch can only use one), near the third bed is only one socket, socket or bad, ask is there a plug at the front desk, saying 'no' no and then four no WiFi incidentally ishanGhai also no reception and no route to take (thought could lend to the routing, it is estimated that excuse me). the only advantage is the bathroom clean? Oh bed was a bit small on that.
  • BEAUTIFUL beauty Yangyang
    Don't work
  • jianwind_0
    Good. Unfortunately, prices
    What the hell break hotel! room was small even! not even my wireless network!
  • colorparrot
    Set a number of times,
  • luolaoda
    It's OK
  • cicigong
    Has been a lot of times ... only flaw is the decoration of the hotel is getting old, should be renovated under the. location naozhongqujing, in the commercial district.
  • mbaevin
    Location is fine. Facilities are too old. Can't bear is the ceiling in the bathroom, this is so terrible. In addition, air conditioning in summer, there are mosquitoes.
  • boblai
    Good location, in the residential area around, very quiet at night, is the room small, parking is not easy!
  • acc685869
    Small cockroaches, called the laundry to laundry bags not finished as soon as I hang up
  • meililan1201
    Bad ... very bad
  • e00645044
    Which is very nice